Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Being in magazines

The other day...while organizing my back room of my studio...
I found one bundle of magazines.
They are magazines I have been published in....I haven't seen these in ages.
I have been in a lot of magazines.....and try to keep a copy of each....even though it takes a lot of space.
I LOVED the Country Marketplace magazine.  Now they only publish Country Sampler.
I had a project on the cover of this one.

It was my country garden chenille pillow.
I embroidered in all black embroidery floss and then painted with watered down acrylic paint.

Here I made a fun black cat Halloween mat from wool.

I loved making things with fun foam(now I think...yuck)
these were post it note holders....with magnets on the back.

I made a scarecrow necklace purse.
Again it was stitched all in black, then painted

Lil witch pouch purse

Dream heart...funny to see how things change and evolve.

Bunny lamp in a silver pail.
I made a lot of these and sold them at craft shows.

Santa claws pillow

Little pins to wear.

and a Chenille snowman.
Remember when chenille was sooooo popular?
I still have a lot of it.
Will it come back?
I'll share more of my published designs some other time.
If you have designed something yourself...take a pic and send it through an email to a favorite magazine.
It is a blast to have your project published.
Some magazines pay money for a one time publishing (yay!), give advertising, or other compensations.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Label your whole creative space....

More Sewing Room Studio Supplies Tags 12 - label Uprint thread Digital Sheet storage supply ribbon vintage organize
These are my NEW studio or sewing room supply tags.....they are a companion set to other tags I have made for organizing your space.
This is a SET OF 12 TAGS, that I created (2 collage sheets- 6 tags on each page). These are fabulous for your sewing room or studio! You print and cut out, sooooo easy.  These have a vintage look.

There are the following: Lace, Ribbon, Elastic, Yarn, Trims, Templates, Beads, Glue, Paper punches, Ephemera, Embroidery floss, and Bobbins. They measure: 2 7/16" x 4 3/4".
Perfect for labeling all your stuff!
You can use them over and over... just print on WHITE cardstock or matte photo paper when you need them, this is a digital offering.

Great for plastic tubs and boxes. 
It's fun to have a cohesive look as well.
12 Sewing Room Studio Supplies Tags - label Uprint thread Digital Sheet storage supply button paper vintage organize
Both of these sets pretty much cover all the labeling you need in your sewing room

I also have some (below)for organizing your storage holidays decor....
12 Decor Storage boxes Supplies Tags - PDF label Uprint thread holiday Digital Sheet supply paper vintage organize
These tags make your storage boxes extra nice.  I printed out three sets of these for all my tubs.
12 Organize Supplies Tags PDF - collage sheet label Uprint thread Digital supply storage vintage office boxes organizing
I like being able to glance at a label and know exactly where things are,
Life is too short to hunt down everything.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Funny little treasures

Hey everyone...My Spring break is over.
I just wanted to show you some funny little things I bought while on shopping excursions.
Above are some fun cards...they just make me laugh ...
I love cats talking sort of baby talk....and being their snooty selves.

This is John Cleese from Monty Python....doing a silly walk.
I have loved Monty Python for many many years!
They are british and they always push the limit on everything!

I love collecting I need any more?  NO!
But I still want them.

Pearl ones with shanks!

I especially love buttons with diamond gems in them

Fancy pants!

These are so sweet....and cost 50 cents!

Who would charge only 50 cents for these?
he he he....  I'll take them!!!!

Here are vintage price tags!

What could be 3 for 5 cents?  WOW
I'll take whatever it is at that deal.

This label is for 17 cents....that cracks me up....not 15 cents...not 20 cents....but exactly 17 cents!

I love old notebooks with scribblings inside

Some farmer kept a neat log in 1959.

I always pick up fun fabric scraps
Love Halloween!
Especially when a whole bundle is 2 dollars.

Black vintage seam binding....almost full roll!

This is some fabric I just loved years ago...found some more.

Vintage different than what you can buy now.

This is super silky and and the colors are gorgeous!
There is something about getting treasures....and when they are great deals it makes it even sweeter.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunny Sunday for a tabby cat

It's a super sunny Sunday!
My daffodils are looking swell!
I cut a bunch for my vases inside.

Froy decided to find me near the firepit.
I am cleaning out my back end of my studio....and found a broken basket.
Froy says....wait...don't throw this away!

Then he went to some dirt and rolled.

Feeling good!

I have five million of these in my yard!
Lucky spotted the broken basket and decided he liked it.....saying...I'm keeping this!

He stuffed himself in it.....and then later rolled in dirt too!
The life of a cat!
My other cat is hunting....Trix has killed two bunnies in the field nearby....makes me sad!
My boy cats don't bother with such nonsense.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Kitty kitty meow meow

Here she is.....the cutest kitty on the planet!
Kitty kitty meow meow~
She is so much fun ....would be great stitched on a little pillow.
I've had a lot of fun on our Spring Break!
It's just so nice to be with my little family and do simple little things together.
We had a blast.....but...
My daughter can't wait to see her friends and I am looking forward to my work too.
Too much of a good thing
Come to the Party bunch and the Pin me linky party!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Got wool scraps?

Got wool scraps?
I do!
I refuse to throw away these little gems of scrap fabric.
They are great for using up scraps.

Wool and felt have a magical quality.
I think it is the textrue and how it doesn't fray.

It is so easy to work with too.

The crazy cat pin above has been hugely popular....I think the face just makes people laugh.

Bunny cuteness.
These patterns came about when I was making hundreds to sell on ebay....way before etsy.
I thought...I can't keep making hundreds...I gotta make patterns for people to make their own.

I love the prim crow and strawberry in this one.
These are so easy to make while watching TV at night, going to a sporting event, sitting outside watching the kids....etc. fav!
These could be made into magnets or changed into needlepunch designs.

This pattern was in keepsake quilting catalog a while back.
This has always been a top seller.

I love the bunny with eggs the best.
Berries are fun to add to these...just french satisfying.

a little something for fall and Thanksgiving.
Patriotic....for Memorial day, Veteran's day, flag day, and fourth of July.

I can't forget Valentine's day...with lots of hearts.
Gather happy memories!