Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Vintage Christmas finds!

Recently I went to my favorite antique stores and got some amazing Vintage Christmas goodies.
This little character above is something my sister Angie and I joke about...we find them in antique stores and thrift stores...it is the same little face ...only everytime we see it the character is in a different outfit....we have seen a graduate, Scottish folk, soccer players....the list goes on and on.  My sister and I take pics and send them to each other.  We are amazed that there are so many out there! 
I LOVE honeycomb!!!  
I wanted to have them sooo bad....but at 7.95 each, I had to say no.  Seems heartbreaking to break up the set.
In my dreams....I will have the whole pack!
This is from the Vintage Rabbit....my favorite antique store! 
Look at the awesome collection of nativities, snowmen and santas! 
This bejeweled number lights up! 
The displays in these awesome stores are amazing...such tender care and time to make everything look so cool!
Isn't this sweet?!
I love the vintage charm and it is so well done. 
I thought the reindeer and Santa were fun! 
The Christmas spirit is all around....so silvery! 
So I got some vintage Santa's with diamond eyes.... 
vintage tinsel...so heavy! 
I think I will stick my cards in here. 
This vintage planter is adorbs! 
This kind of coloring book was a staple in our house....because if nothing else...we had these and color crayons.  There were a lot of fun times ... coloring until the red and black were stubs. 
I love this green candy cane...it is so unusual. 
I have always collected these seals and stickers...I have always been wildly attracted to them.
They have such great art and simple charm. 
Santa die cut. He went in my giant jar of ornaments on my mantle. 
I got this wildly yellow/gold angel....and she is at the top of my tree now! 
More Christmas seals and old candy canes. 
The little box had several to use still. 
Corny goodness!  
These remind me of growing up in the 70's. 
I had to have this incredible pink feather wreath!
I knew I would never see it again if I didn't buy it.
I put it near all my corny pink and blue angels. 
I also LOVE tags...they are so cheerful!!!
Snoopy is the cutest!
He looks a little naughty...love him!

Have you gotten any new decorations this year?
Please tell me in the comment section!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Little Christmas Stocking freebie pattern & more!

Today is a good day to give you a sweet freebie design!!!
These lil stocking ornaments are easy to whip up using felt or wool.
Fill them with a small candy cane, treats or a little cash.
Copy and save pattern...print out.
Just cut two stocking shapes from wool...for a front and back.
Cut out a stocking top brim, the toe and heel from white felt.
Whip stitch them onto the front of the stocking. 
Cut out petals for poinsettia from wool and some leaves too.
Stitch/tack them to the stocking (just the petal parts near the center).  Add flower center....using gold DMC floss.... stitch lots of French knots.
Whip stitch the front and the back of the stocking together.
Add a string hanger and you are done!
*Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make finished goods (no mass producing) and gifts...they are still legally my designs. 
New Banners for Christmas!!
 You can print them off and use them over and over. You can use them in projects for shows, home decor, parties, and more! 
I painted the Snowman and cabin scene...converted them to the flag shapes and also made extra snow dots and motifs as an illustration ...so that all the colors go together perfectly.
All you do is print, cut out...(add glitter if you want) and glue them onto a string or baker's twine.
The banner can be any length. Each sheet has 12 flags....you could print as many as you need. Each little flag measures: 3 3/4" x 1 9/16". 
Using the coupon code today....it would be only $2.40!
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Monday, November 28, 2016

Tinting ornaments

I want to show you how super easy it is to tint Selina's Wooden Christmas ornament blanks.
She cuts them from wood...but I thought these would look great in a color that would still show the wood grain. They come with a center of wood, which I put aside (they don't need a color, they will not be seen anyway)
Grab you watercolors...and water and a brush.
Dab on the get your paint wet with water and blob on!
It only takes seconds to cover one.
Same goes for this ornament.... blue watercolor this time.
After I covered it ...I went back and gave an extra blob of paint on the dots and snowflakes.
They dry real quick.
If you want you could spray with a matte clear finish.....but I personally didn't do that.
These ornaments are easy to add photos to too.
I just took some off the computer...printed them off and cut them out and taped them to the back with strapping tape.

This is my daughter and her boyfriend.
The top center mitten is the untinted wood and the others are tinted.
I love them both ways.
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I also have tons of Valentines...which will follow Christmas....it's a great time to make these while enjoying the coziness of your home.

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