Monday, August 18, 2014

You gotta be kitten me! plus Sneaky peak

Happy Monday!
Here is Lucky complaining to wet food in quite a while and he is mad!
I just don't like the smelliness of wet food.
I thought this caption was perfect for him....a play on words.

My garden in going crazy growing everywhere.

Our garden is in our old hot tub... it is great!
I added the sunflowers for fun....but there are tomatoes, gourds, pumpkins and catnip...peppers.

The pumpkins just grow over the hot tub.
You have to watch where you walk.
By the way our pumpkin were supposed to be cucumbers.

One is turning orange!!!! Along side a roma.

We put a netted support for this guy....he wanted to start growing on the edge.
The weight would have broken it.

Side note....the dollar tree has these cool googly eye push pins.....I had to have.
They are in the back to school department.

Sneaky peak!!!
Pumpkin guy coming soon!!!

Lastly I leave you with Lucky sniffing the lens.
Not his finest pics...but he doesn't know!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Grow through life freebie

My daughter has taken one tiny spider plant and made tons of offspring!
We have given them as gifts, planted them inside and out....they are taken over!
So I had to draw one and put this old but sweet saying with it!
Save and print.
This would be so cute stitched and framed up for a friend.
The Somerset Holidays and celebrations magazine is coming out Sept 1st! 
 One of my projects is on the cover (Where the tree top glistens ornaments)...and I have two more projects in the magazine as well (Halloween!).

Stampington has over 40 different publications!
I have been in several of them...such nice people!
This magazine is always at Barnes and Noble if you want to check it out.
This particular magazine is perfect if you love me.
It covers them all and such wonderful projects and ideas.
The project patterns are not included in the magazine....but I share techniques, material lists....and stories.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Funny little things

I wanted to share a few funny little things I have in my studio....these are the non necessary items but still fun.
Above is an old quilted sign I used to hang in my shows as a banner.
I hang thick jute around the high ceilings to hang things like this with clothes pins. 
Here is a cool old game...I got for 2 bucks...inside are some fun plastic dolls to dress up. 
I like old never know when you might need them! 
This is an old orange cup with a noise maker and a little watercolor pin I painted long ago...once I met Debbie Mumm and she signed the back of this....she was my hero! 
Here is a crown my daughter made me years ago for my birthday.

My old needle felted tomato doll....freaky huh! 
An old Easter creation...its fun to see what was exciting to me ..when I look at these old designs. 
I love paper punches....these are my small guys 
I love collecting "Modern" sewing 
Halloween hag....hanging around. 
My daughter made this ages ago...I love seeing her tiny hands as leaves.
She still has small cute. 
My valentine box (my mother gave my 30 years ago) filled with unique buttons and doo dads. 
I have tons of dinosaurs and animals in plastic...bad pic I know.
These are great to cover in tacky white glue and glitter them up.

Yikes...he is scary!

I love pom poms....this is a vintage kit. 
Old chalk...I love old boxes that would have been thrown away ages ago. 
Close up of my brass looking doo dads 
I love digging in them 
Who doesn't love buttons.   don't know how I got a fur

I like these party pic things....don't know why 
Old jar full of funny flowers 
Clothes pins...and my silly bugger necklace. 
My grandma from Scotland would always say that someone was a silly bugger....cracked me up 
Eiffel tower collection and FUN banner

Jewelry making supplies....they are never too cute 
I had to end with this....ha hahahah.
I made this sign years ago....still makes me laugh.
Have a great day!

Saturday, August 9, 2014 many uses....

I want to tell you some fabulous news!
I am on the Deflecto ambassador design team!

Deflecto provides all your solutions to stay organized so you can concentrate on your projects not your clutter.

This month is all about "Frame it Up"!

Deflecto's frames are sturdy, versatile, acrylic and can be used in many different ways!
 I just thought I would post a few of my first designs with these beautiful frames. This one is my Raggedy Ann watercolor painting in the green 5" x 7" frame.
I added a little scrap of fabric to the lower corner with an even tinier scrap of muslin with the word "Cutie" stamped on it. The scraps are sewn together and then glued on.
I love frames because a lot of what I do involves my digital signs I make and sell on etsy. This is my "Home of the free because of the brave" sign in the stand alone frame.  
 I added some tulle rosettes and a small paper banner to the bottom. 
Here is my Halloween watercolor of a scarecrow. This is in the purple 5" x 7" frame.
 I added my flash card (I design flash cards too) that says "Scarecrow" and also added fall leaves. So easy. 
This is my mom (she's has been gone almost 17 years now) and I thought she would look great in the black 5" x 7" frame.....sort of retro. Her pic was taken back in the 50's.  
I punched out some scalloped circles, stamped the letters for mom on them and then glued them onto a pennant shape made from pretty paper. I glued them onto ribbon and then attached to the frame
Here is my daughter Selina's Photography....a beautiful Sunflower.
We put this in the 8 1/2" x 11" frame with pink Pink!

I added raffia around the frame and a sweet tag saying "This is the life!"
I will showcase some more ideas in a few days....I am having too much fun!

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Little bird told me something....

A little bird told me...that it is Freebie Friday!!!!
I am always happy that it is Friday!
Save this artwork, and maybe make this into a framed embroidery design.
I had a lot of fun with one of my sisters this past week.
Angie is on the left and I am on the right.  That was taken a long time ago.
We played old video games like ms. Pacman and dig dug.....with Kahlua /cookies and cream milkshakes.
We shopped, watched movies like "Blue Jasmine" (LOVE this movie),  saw the new planet of the apes movie, had an art night where we drew and played with supplies, played games like sorry, clue, etc...
We stayed up late every night ...until at least 2am....and even had marshmallows around the fire pit.
It was like we were kids again!
Our mom always had to tell us to be quiet....which made us giggle even louder!
Nothing like brushing your teeth, hearing your mom snore like a chain saw and then laughing so hard you think you will die!
Seems like many lifetimes ago when we were young....but having this week brought it all back!

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Lazy, Crazy days of Summer!

These are the last of those lazy days of summer....just hanging out and drinking an icy lemonade.
The nights are still long, the weather still hot, the pool and beach still very inviting.
Watermelon tasting soooo Sweet! 
These tags are perfect for your home decor, as gift tags, to hang and inspire ....they are just plain fun! They also look great at your BBQ, used as an element in a card, scrapbooking your summer pages, and adding to a frame.

I painted the red headed girl image to make these tags....they are my own design. There are 8 tags on one sheet. The large oval is: 3 3/8" 5 5/8", the large tag is 5 1/8" x 3 1/4",Lazy crazy summer tag and the don't let the seeds stop you tag measures:3 3/4"x 1 15/16", the 2 round tags measures: 2 3/8" round.....and the others are smaller.

This was a watercolor painting, very vibrant!

I hope you are enjoying these last days....before school starts.
Before long I will be complaining about how cold it I need to remember this heat!

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