Sunday, July 27, 2014

Things that go bump in the night....

Feeling creepy?
These are my new bats and skulls....a brand new pattern
Things that go bump in the night.
It is now in my Etsy shop, my patternmart, and my website. 
These prim bats and skulls make a spooky feel to your Halloween decor. They are simple, fast, and take little supplies. Put them in a bowl, hang them around, attach to a wreath, or tuck them on a shelf! 
Skull measures: 5" x 5 1/2"
Bat measures: 11 1/4" long x 3 1/2"
I love the texture on the bats 
Spooky, but I love him! 
They look so nice hanging around.
I am working on.....7 more halloween patterns....I nutty!
Next will be something ....witchy!

Friday, July 25, 2014

I'm a little teapot...freebie

It's here....the teapot to go with all the other tea related freebies of the past 7 weeks.
Go to my freebies section on the right side bar to see the others in the set.
Click to see it large and save.

I threw in this little guy as well.
A sweet simple rose.
Next week I will have something completely different.
I have been working on many Halloween turn into new patterns.
Some are almost ready!
Below are some popular ones of the past. 
These can all be found in my Hudsonsholidays Etsy shop, patternmart, and my website.
There are table displays, embroidery's, make dos, dolls, pins, and more!
My owl swag is a large fun display.
I love making pincushions and needle felted pumpkins.
The pin badge comes with all the artwork to make them.
I made these little collages of my designs last year.....there are so much more than these though.
This is Agatha Willow witch.....she has a twig nose, cheesecloth hair and a vase for a body.
This is a crazy pumpkin his bead mouth. 
My "Boo" door hanger....the berries are little beads!
- - - - - - - - -
Please check back very soon for my brand new designs....making their first appearance.
The perfect day....
Going to bed with a dream
Waking up with a purpose!

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Signs now only $3.99

I just wanted to let you know something pretty cool!
My digital signs are now only $3.99.
That is their new price and will stay this way. 
My signs are in my Hudsonsholidays Etsy shop.
There are signs for everyday and also all the holidays.
This Purple sign is constantly pinned on pinterest....I need to turn off my notification emails....too many pins from this.
They are easy to email comes instantly after you buy it and you just click on the download link. 
Just save the file and print on your printer.
These make great gifts and are perfect for your home decor.
I often just frame them in a document frame or an 8 x 10 from the dollar store....super easy quick gift.
It is really nice when the person you are giving to has everything and you don't know what to get them.
I print on either white cardstock, presentation paper, matte photo paper and glossy works great too.
These are not meant for resale however.
Just letting you know.
Another thing is that they are a pdf file (adobe reader opens it- free program) and they are not available in jpg.
They are meant to be signs.
They are great for holiday celebrations and parties.

I love how green this one is!
I have them for winter, all four seasons, weddings, birthdays, funny one, and inspiring ones.
These are also great to pack away in totes......I have lots of holiday totes...and these take almost zero room in a tote. 
Expect nothing hope for everything sign digital PDF - cream uprint art words vintage style primitive paper old 8 x 10 frame saying
Every color is represented too.....I love working with all the colors.
Gobble til you wobble Thanksgiving sign digital PDF  - orange uprint words vintage turkey style paper old 8 x 10 frame saying
This is fun by the Thanksgiving table! 
I'll Never let go Titanic sign digital PDF  - blue heart of ocean uprint art words vintage style paper old 8 x 10 frame saying
I just love the Titanic!
Check meowt Cat sign digital PDF - kitty sepia uprint art words vintage style primitive paper old 8 x 10 frame saying
Some for kids and teens.
Home of the free sign American digital - pdf blue 4th of july uprint art words vintage style primitive paper old  Patriotic saying
Signs to show our pride!
Coffee & Wine sign digital PDF - Brown funny art words vintage style primitive paper old 8 x 10 frame saying
This is my favorite for being funny.
Be My Valentine Pink sign digital PDF - vintage art words primitive paper old 8 x 10 frame saying
Sweet and simple!
Halloween not every Witch lives in Salem sign digital -  black uprint words vintage style paper old pdf 8 x 10 frame saying
This is my most popular sign ever!
People love this one. 
I always say Sister lives in Salem but I am not saying she is a witch or
She never gets mad at me for
So check out the signs sometime...and stay cool!


Friday, July 18, 2014

Pass the SUGAR freebie

This is the sugar for the tea set...the 6th in a series of tea related designs.
Next week is the last one....the glorious teapot herself!
Click on the image to make it larger and save.
I have been doing alot of stitching because it is so darned I stay inside and stitch...catch up on movies and shows.  I love the movie "Blue Jasmine".
Some quilts I have made use a lot of the 12 month raggedy Ann on below.
This one was so is probably on of the top designs I have ever done.
My favorite is the October witch one.
Below is my Halloween quilt....always hard to photograph because of the deep contrast between muslin and dark Halloween fabrics.  
Every design is done in Orange embroidery easy that way.
It reminds me of redwork....but using orange...very pretty.
This is the crow on of the embroideries in the Halloween quilt.
Another favorite is the 12 month kitty cat quilt.

I made the cats fun and whimsical....I love the Christmas one best.
All these and more are here in my etsy shop.
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Smelling fall?

Yesterday my daughter and I were in the Yankee candle shop smelling all the delightful scents.
We smelled some fall candles and they were soooo yummy. 
Pumpkin cider....and more!
It totally made me want fall.....especially since these days of reaching 100 degrees are getting really old!
These witchy collage sheet ornaments are an oldy but goody design of mine.

I love taking my old pics and making them witchy.
I made a few that are candy corn ornaments.

These are pumpkin ornaments with wire easy.

All these tags come with it too!

See...its two sheets....instant print .....cut out and directions come with it.
The banana bread candle was to die for!
There was a chocolate layer cake candle that was the best chocolate scent I have ever smelled in a candle.
But the bacon candle made us gross....and I love bacon.
I am not sure who would like it....but some people must or they wouldn't make it.
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A little more of my studio

I took so many pics of my studio....and I felt my last post was pretty darned I thought I would show some more photos of my studio.
Above is a huge hoop...for quilting.  I put retro fabric in it and made flash cards with my name and glued it on.
Makes a great booth sign...for quilt and craft shows.

Here is a mix of ribbons, paper, and artwork.  Seems like I am always needing a little string or ribbon for I dig in here. 
I keep my not so cute pastes, mediums, and all in this wooden yellow box....then I can pick it all up when I need to for more desk space.

I like to fill muffin tins and loaf pans with punched out papers and bits of ephemera.

My old army file...sold wood and as heavy as a coffin (full). 
I like to keep special old magazines, paper patterns, plastic bags for selling, and business files in it.
On the left side is a table I use for my cricut.

I have had this print since I was little...the mouse card is a birthday card my mom gave me...a few years before she is a treasure.

Glue gun.....oh how I love thee!
I stick my glue sticks in a gravy boat.
I always use this non stick mat under it...cleans up really easily.

I made this big mannequin bust many years ago.  She reins over my cutting table.

My Christmas ornaments fit nicely on this wire tree...great for quilt show displays.
They are going to be in a wonderful the fall...details later.

I love this map banner....and I also love my black velvet head from a  thrift store(it was scruffy and just needed a black paint touch up job).
Sometimes I am not sure why I keep so much stuff! 
I have a thing for chenille stems/pipe cleaners.....I just love them and the endless possibilities.
I also keep a box of UFO's .....Un Finished Objects. 
I like collecting old sewing the diagrams and how things have changed soooo much.

Here is a tall small drawer set....each drawer is just the right size for pearl beads, charms, black eye beads.....etc..

This tall shelf holds my cool tag from Lynn Whipple...called a big idea....I won it!
It also has my big eyed Marie Antoinette painting.
To the top left is my pink American flag...just for fun! 
I got these little bundles by the embroidery floss at the store....I can't wait to use them...but for now they are busy being cute in this bowl!
See my post before this to see more of my studio.