Friday, September 4, 2015

Happy hobby freebie

Happy Friday to you!!!
I have always thought that the happiest people....have hobbies!
Do you agree?
This would be sweet framed up in your sewing room.

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*Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make finished goods (no mass producing) and gifts...they are still legally my designs. 

These are my witchy labels...
There are 8 in this set, All are labels of potions and spells for bottles, jars, boxes, and containers.
This is a digital download ...You can print them off and use them over and over. 

I put this one on a big jar of lavender.
Some sayings are: Win the lottery verses, Glamorous potion, Skinny for eternity, Spells to win against rivals, and to steal men away, Find your soul mate, no more regrets, eternal youth, and Ugly curses. 

You can easily change the size of the labels when the print page comes up...under page scaling. There is a custom scaling option.  
This would be a great spell...if it 
These are how the two collage sheets look printed on paper. 
I found my soul I personally don't need this on.  HEHEHE 
I could use some more glamour.
Here is a Sneak peak of my next patterns...
a Needle punch... 
A lil quilt.....
Can't wait to show you the finished pics and all!

Welcome Weekend!!!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Happy September!!!

Yay...It's September!
And it is my daughter's first day of 12th grade
She is a senior!!
I always take a first day of school pic....this is the last time
boo hoo.
I am sure she will have lots of stories to tell me when she gets home.
I have a million projects in the works...and now I will have some serious time to actually
In the meantime...
I thought I would share some books I have gotten recently.
Think happy be happy a cute thick lil book filled with inspiration and art. cool.
I love looking at it when I feel upset...
It calms me right down. 
I love collecting old school books! 
Especially when it has elements of Halloween in it! 
This is old and so useful 
I know my pic is blurry...but there is all kinds of phrases...which I could use on tons of projects.
This book I got at Hallmark.
The sweetest Halloween book ever! 
The graphics are great....colors are bright and cheerful! 
The story is cute and I am really inspired by I had to have it. 
Coloring is soooo popular....gotta get my crayons out. 
Old vintage coloring books are great too!
I have a huge collection now.
I do love the school teacher owl on the cover.

I promise to show you what I have been working on soon...
I have patterns to write, pictures to take...a long list of to-do's...
Plus my daughters birthday is Saturday....panic!!!
I guess I will take things one step at a time!

Happy September to you!

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Take it easy on yourself freebie

Let's take it easy on ourselves....I know we are hardest on ourselves most of the time...
we need a break!
I made this freebie to stitch up or print out to put in a card....etc...

Share this blog post on facebook or your blog....I have freebies every Friday and there are tons on here from the past.  Let your friends know so they can get freebies too.

*Please note that all freebies are for you to use to make finished goods (no mass producing) and gifts...they are still legally my designs. 
I love Etsy ....
and I love Etsy treasuries.

This is a screen shot of "A little red for Christmas Thyme"
People put together a theme of cool items on etsy and make a treasury.
They usually have 16 products and there are thousands to look at.
My "Santa it's a long story" sign was featured in this one above.
This is a funny one.
This treasury is "Teddy Bears all around".  
The theme can be of anything!
My "I want to be loved by you" teddy bear stitchery pattern is in this one.

Here is the link to see all the can type in key words to find something particular or just look at the pages of random treasuries.
This one is "Quilted Halloween"
I typed in the word Halloween and up came a bunch of Halloween treasuries.
This is fun and addicting to play with,

Speaking of quilts....
I found these of my first quilt shows...way back when.
I love seeing how I have progressed...but I still cherish these pics.
All are very good memories.

Have a

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fabric, books and fire...

I am rambling on today about random stuff!
I went to Jo Ann's the other day...and found a cool pack of Halloween fabric....which I used my 40% off coupon... 
This is my favorite...a witch silhouette.
This might  be perfect for one of my large mannequins (my pattern design that takes only a fat quarter).

Cute....reminds me of grade school days.
This is a design I never made into a pattern but still could.
I love small quilts with the 12 month theme. 
I got this great book by Lori is fabulous!!!
The book is packed with great blocks and designs!
There are pumpkins, cherries, strawberries, farm blocks, barns....etc... 
Plus tons of ways to use these designs. 
My first block is this cute pumpkin!
I highly recommend this book.  Check out her blog. 
I got a fun magazine/book from Barnes and noble...from flow...a European company that makes a very cool magazine. 
Working on ghostly eyes. 
I live in Washington State....where there are just tons of fires.
We have had such bad smoke!
But it makes for an awesome sight....the sun setting in the smoky redness.
I just ran outside to take these pics! 
I love how it is hiding for its last glimpse.
and then is gone!
The smoke has be horrible and fire fighters have died...I wish it would just rain.
We have had no rain in a very long time.

Here is hoping things change!

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Home is the happiest place freebie

I love home and I am always happiest when doubt about it!
I hope you have fun with this freebie.
It is a sweetie!
This is something I am almost done with ...  sneaky peaky
...can't wait to make a pattern for it.
I love working on fall projects. 
My daughter got her senior pictures taken the other day...this is Selina getting ready for her shoot.
I can't wait to see all the pics!
She has grown up so fast!!! 
Pretty flowers near my daughters photo shoot.
My mom's garden used to be full of these...
makes me think she was with us...watching. 
Are you a cat lover like me?
Although this is an older is still a favorite.
It's the Four Seasons...Cats with flowers # 133. 
This is spring. This is a great way to use up some wool scraps.
Summer....and patriotic. 
Fall the pumpkin.
and winter.
You can make into a wallhanging, put it into an old window frame, pillows, or lil mini-quilts. 
 Each Finished piece measures: 4 3/4" x 5 3/4" -muslin area.

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