Friday, April 24, 2015

Sleepy baby girl freebie

Friday yet again!
This matches last weeks sleepy baby boy!
Perfect for the nursery or baby shower.
Sometimes when I see the baby clothes or little girl outfits at walmart or target...
I just can't wait for the day to be a grandma....but I have to wait a
I put some of my paintings in my art etsy shop! 
These are originals!
Piercing blue eyes! 
This sweet strawberry blonde haired beauty is offering hope....she is giving her love. 
I made this artwork to bring joy and love into your home! It is a painting on canvas board. I painted with acrylics and pencils. It measures: 5" x 7" 
I love her crown! 
Sweet face 
My bunny is sold...sorry :(

I really love her...she is with a great friend who will take care of her.

Purple power!
This one is very lovely...small but so cool. 
Lastly...this garden girl.
The good weather is here...birds chirping....the warmth of the sun....she is in her garden..enjoying...
Have a super fun weekend!

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Thursday, April 23, 2015 them!

I love shopping at antique stores....this one called 
in Spokane Washington
is definitely one of my favorites!!
I love the bike wheel....full of vintage postcards 
Old babies....I wonder what their story is... 
same here...
Who loved them and what happened? 
This is a chair's seat....a crazy quilt with some embroidery....1901, 1897, 1902... old. 
two thumpers! 
These crack me up....reminds me being on the phone with my sister Cecilia. 
Dramatic isn't she!
I would love the mannequin head...hehehe 
They really have a knack for displays 
Ok...I really loved this....too bad there was no mark to go with....
it is adorable!
I can just imagine the happy boy wearing this Halloween night! 
Cute mouse measuring spoon holder! 
I think that is how you spell
owl and froggy 
I LOVED Miss Piggy in the 70's when I would see her movies, collect stickers...etc...
There was something about her bossy aggressiveness that was so opposite of me.

This weekend is an antique show in town....
More shopping!!!
Happy day to you!!

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Little girls...

Thanks heaven ...for little girls!
I love drawing little girls and love creating designs with little girls.
I have such a strong bond to my own is like we have forever known each other....
maybe it is because it seems she has an old soul.  If there is such a thing as a past live...she would definitely have been with me before.
Above it my patriotic girl...a combo of fabric applique (super easy) and embroidery. 
This is a different shot of my "She lingers in the garden" quilt...
It has fabric applique and simple blocks background. 
(The color is off on this pic...should have fixed it...sorry)
I love the simplicity of this is a super fast embroidery....framed in a hoop. 
This one reminds me of Cinderella...which has always been a big favorite of mine.
My dad used to call me "Cinderella Dorothy Queen" 3 favorite

This design started out as a simple doodle in my sketchbook...I love finding my original sketch and seeing how it changed for my pattern.

Can you see the glitter on the wings and dress? 
This is the "Vintage Garden party girl"...
I used some scraps of vintage fabric for this her green eyes! 
This pattern ...called True love lasts...comes with the 3 designs.
Her flowers have lots of little beads...very easy to add to the embroidery. 
Sweet Witchy poo
She is definately not scary.
See the bat dropping off a candy corn to
Speaking of little girls....
I have to show you my little girl's prom pictures (before prom).
She is a junior and she got all glammed up. 
Here is the cute couple...Selina with her boyfriend.
A little nervous yet excited.
They danced all night...had a great time!
Now I feel really old!
Boo hoo
Find a little time for yourself today!

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Sleepy baby boy

Isn't he a sleepy.
This would be adorable on a baby boy's pillow in the nursery.
Anyone having a baby boy?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
I am on Instagram now...I would love it if you followed me!
I am alittle addicted to it because...I just love the visual of it...
so many great pictures....from whoever you like or want to follow. 
It is really inspiring and gets your creative juices flowing.
These are a couple of pics I recently shared.
I never thought I would like another social media thing....but it is lots of fun!
I am going to be in the WSQ quilt show again!
Mark your calendar....if you live near Spokane is a must see show!
October 16-18, 2015. 
 I just love this show...great quilts and really fun is terrific! I here over and over how this show is as good as Quilt festival.
These are a few shots from my booth last year.
I try to fit about a million things in this space! 
It is hard to set up but is ohhhh so worth it and I love meeting you gals!  
Everytime I start chatting with a customer who has enjoyed my patterns....I just feel so warm and happy...totally makes me feel like I am on cloud nine.
Just seeing these pictures makes me want the show sooner....dang!
Gotta wait!
By the way....My cat Froy is now fully recovered from his absess from a cat fight.
It looked pretty awful when I got him home from the vets....all I can say is he looked like he was a soldier from "Saving Private Ryan" :(
He is back to his snooty self.

Happy Weekend to you!!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

All that I am....Mom

Here is my newest sign...perfect for Mother's day!
All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my Mother......
The saying comes from the great President Abe Lincoln
My mother was a fantastic mom....she had flaws...but she was just awesome and I wish she were still here and could see all the things I am doing and I wish she could be with my daughter!
If you still have your mom....cherish her.

I have to show you some treasure I got during spring break.
Above are things to complete needle punch projects.
These small baskets are perfect for lil needlepunch.
I love hoops and old jello molds (perfect for bases for crafts and pincushions)
I got lots of embroidery transfers
These country folks are cute
Sew day...that guy better watch out ...she may get his booty with a needle.
Old books are always a favorite of mine
They just don't make stuff like this anymore.
It is nice artwork and sparks all kinds of ideas.
Magazine racks....cause I do have a bit of a magazine collecting problem.
vintage fabric
I needed black trim badly
ok...this was fun...a whole box of pink goodies!
I was in heaven
vintage buttons, tulle springs, ribbons....
rose buds, beads, sequins.....
pink papers too
pink and much more!
This was a strange find...but fun...a game
But I am just gonna use the cool words inside.
Tons of words and in different colors...yay
I also got fake flowers, a pink shelf, chocolates, and a sweet pink mini vw
I just had a blast.
I have some really comfy skechers shoes too...gray and pink!
I am glad to get back to normal however.

By the way...if you would like you artwork in a cool magazine like Somerset holidays or any Stampington is lots of great advice.
I was lucky enough to have my design on the cover of this issue!!!
Could be you next!!

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