Friday, April 21, 2017

This little piggy...freebie

This little piggy...
isn't he a cutie!
He is laughing...and having a good time....cause it's FRIDAY!
Can you imagine this piggy on a dish towel?
I can!

Copy and save
My sale pattern for this week is:
For this week (until next Friday) this pattern is only $2.99!
Click the link for the deal.
The cat design and instructions for the pillow are included.

I just drew up this fairy with flowers and decided to make it a simple inexpensive pattern
Design measures: 6 1/2" x 8 7/8".
This pattern sheet comes with embroidery instructions and tips for embroidery (my secrets). 
These are 3 smaller summer designs...quick and easy.
1. Dream it, do it weekly features zinnia flowered hexies (my artwork)....Every day of the week is here....there are lots of lines and space to list all your things you need to get a smaller section for the weekend.
2. Think big thoughts....a sheet to write goals, inspiration, ideas, use as stationary and more!! This also has zinnia patterned hexies in a flower shape.
I made some hexies as design elements.
Also I have these 2 sheets that are together...Happy go lucky and Best day ever.
1. Best day features shamrock hexies (my artwork)...plenty of room to write and sned a special not or letter.
2. Happy go lucky....a sheet to write goals, inspiration, ideas, use as stationary and more!! This also has shamrock patterned hexies in a flower shape.
Get your inspiration on!
I just finished this set of 12 different tags or labels....featuring my surface pattern designs.
These are perfect for inspiration on gifts, envelopes, banners, and more!
Each label is: 2 3/8" x 2 3/8". You get: Thank you (2), Seize the day (2), Life is good! (2), Get your happy on (2), thank you so much, Be you tiful (2) and Do what you like. 
These labels look great on flowers...
They are perfect for saying thank you on envelopes and mail.
They are cheerful and bright.
You can print on white cardstock, matte photo paper, or glossy presentation paper. Punch a hole in tags and add ribbon or easy. Glue them onto bakers twine for a simple banner.
My daughter Selina has recently made this cool hanging print kit....
It's a great way to hang a print...and have it lay flat and so cute too. I like it better than always putting prints in a frame.
She will have them in her shop soon.
This is me and my dad....a long time
He has been having lots of health problems lately and I am hoping he recovers and gets some well needed rest and relaxation.

Have a great weekend!

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Practice makes much better!

Many of you guys know I am always working on fabric design.
I love doing it and I love playing around.
Above is a design with Valentines in mind. 
I put these fabric designs in the hexie flower.
I love drawing cute this Birthday party bunny.
I love romantic florals and motifs.... 
and I love bold colors like this orange. 
Lime green is a favorite of mine when it comes to color choices. 
Sweet and simple is important...because not every design can be a "Star"....some have to be the supporting cast.
I love the variety of colors in this one. 
This is a collection that all fits reminds me of a lemon aid colors that is.

Flowers in vases... 
Big over sized or giant scale is fun. 
Beautiful grays...

This is a mock up of what some of my fabric would look like on products.

And just the scarecrow 

Some of these designs are older....some are brand new...
but I love them all...
and this is just a small fraction of what I have made so far.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Rain rain...go away...freebie

Do you remember this song or nursery rhyme?
I used it alot when I was a never stopped the rain
Oh was still fun.
Copy and save this freebie if you like. 
Please let your friends know about this blog and the freebies!
My daughter, husband and I went to the Junk Drunk antique show last weekend in Colville. 
See more pics of booths on my daughter's blog!
I got a cool bench!
The cats have been eyeing it! 
Coloring books! 
Chicks and bunny ( one dollar each), cat tea bag holder and doilies!
A lovely pink metal basket 
A big bunny riding a rooster (5 bucks!)
Plus I got some paper goodies, magnolia room spray,  fairy garden, and more...
it is fun to go to a much smaller town and enjoy what they have to offer.
I have been stitching...while watching Fixer upper my new recliner.
The recliner makes me want to fall asleep all the time.
It is magical.
I put some more items in my MrsTiddleMouse etsy shop. 
A set of goodies...Timeless treasure book, ribbons and a strawberry pincushion.

Mother's day goodies....tags and sachet.
Free motion quilted Rose coasters
A Patriotic hen pin...made from wool felt.

I have so much to list that I am just planning on adding some every good prices...check it out every once in a while.
Time to watch "The Ten Commandments" this weekend!!!
It has been a tradition in our family forever....well since I can  
We would eat our chocolate bunnies and eggs while watching this epic.
I love all the corny lines and acting...I wouldn't want it any other way however.

Have a very

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Bake freebie, fun goodies, & Zinnias.

There is nothing more realistic than a kitty that
See how the kitty's tongue in out...mouth watering yummy turkey.

Copy and save would be darling on a kitchen towel.
I put a few new things in my etsy shop: MrsTiddleMouse.

A cool Crow...At the end of the journey you are an old

I have been recoloring and changing up my Zinnia design....I am making a collection of fabric designs around it.
I hand picked my colors from the Pantone color book.
Doesn't this one look retro!
It reminds me of my childhood.
This is the same many different color combinations...still the same color group I chose though.
I love them!
Here is a part of the do you like the Bees?  
I figure bees go with all the flowers.
I am making more to go with these....and I having a blast doing it! 

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